What’s all the HUFF about?
August 30, 2013

What’s all the HUFF about?

We, at Tempo Food + Drink, are more than thrilled to be a part of the Halifax Urban Folk Festival this year as a “Free-to-U” venue.  For those who may not know what all the “HUFF” is about, the Halifax Urban Folk Festival is held every year in late August/early September and showcases the very best singer/songwriters that might normally never make it to the East Coast of Canada to perform. Rounding out the festival is the addition of local talent such as Matt Mays and Joel Plaskett, as well as a myriad of Songwriter Circles.  (A unique event where different musicians share their music and stories on stage together.)

This weekend we’ll be hosting a myriad of talent. On Friday, come down to enjoy Chris Kirby, a Newfoundlander that is a “captivating cross between Stevie Wonder's soul and Jamiroquai's funk” and Brianna Gosse, a young songwriter who combines genres such as folk, jazz, pop, musical theatre and classical.

On Saturday, check out Jerry Leger, an artist that has travelled across the US and Canada, opening for greats such as Ron Sexsmith.  According to music columnist Jason Schneider, Jerry is “poised to indelibly add his name to the roll call that has built Toronto’s international reputation as a singer/songwriter Mecca.” Joining him in our Lounge on Saturday is Laura Merriman, a “prolific writer who delivers soulful catchy songs with provoking truthful lyrics.”

The Tempo Food + Drink Lounge has been described as “wonderful for live music” by one of our servers, Tracy S.  She says, “we have such an open space with tons of seating around to watch the artists. I can’t wait to see Chris Kirby, I think his style of music would be perfect!”

Both shows start at 9pm are are absolutely free, so head downtown and grab a seat early! We’ll be offering drink specials all night and if you need a recommendation, just ask one of our helpful servers. To end on a funny note, Tracy S. suggests, “the perfect drink to sit down and listen to music at Tempo Food + Drink would be a Bottle of Nova 7, because I don't want to share when I'm enjoying this kind of music!”