Smelling the Roses with Tempo Food + Drink’s Chef Brad
May 13, 2013

Smelling the Roses with Tempo Food + Drink’s Chef Brad

Chef Bradley Bowden spent the past 7 years leading kitchens such as Saege Bistro, Glen Arbour Golf Course and more recently at Le Bistro by Liz’s in Halifax, NS.  These endeavors proved helpful in attaining the helm at Tempo Food + Drink, located on the corner of Barrington + Duke Streets.  In light of this new change, we caught up with Chef Brad and spoke to him about what brought him to Nova Scotia, switching cities, and the difference between Torontonians and Haligonians.

Chef Brad grew up in a small Ontario farming community outside of Ottawa and attended Humber College in Toronto.  From there, he worked in numerous Toronto restaurants and hotels before deciding that he’d had enough of the “cement city.”  Embarking on a 1-year exchange to the English Channel (which is an archipelago of British islands off the French coast of Normandy) Chef Brad further honed his culinary skills and opportunities as a young Chef.  In love with the laid back nature of the English Channel’s Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey, Chef Brad couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in the resort town of Invermere, BC after his brief return to Toronto.

It was in Panorama, BC that Chef Brad met his lovely future-wife.  Jodi was a Maritimer that dreamt of eventually settling back down on the East Coast of Canada, where she grew up.  Luckily for her (and us), Chef Brad was only too eager to get back to his own small-town farming roots, so it was no surprise that what followed suit was a move to Beaverbank, NS.

When asked about his initial impressions of Halifax, NS, Chef Brad says, “I found Halifax small, especially for how many restaurants are here per square block.  I came from Toronto, where every second door is a restaurant and it’s spread out over the whole city.”

We were curious to see what else was different in Chef Brad’s opinion, so we posed the question:

How do your customers differ in Toronto as compared to the Maritimes?

He answered:  “In a nutshell, people take the time to smell the roses here.  Many people take for granted their life and surroundings…they don’t take their time, whereas people here seem to enjoy life a little more.  They take in everything around them and at the end of the day; everyone is a little more friendly and relaxed.”