I scream for Ice cream:  Tempo’s Top 3 Halifax Picks
June 26, 2013

I scream for Ice cream:  Tempo’s Top 3 Halifax Picks

Eating ice cream on a hot day is as satisfying as finding out that you qualify for a free cell-phone upgrade…to the iPhone 5! (Well, ok…maybe NOT THAT satisfying, but up there…definitely up there!) With the local weather hitting the 30-degree mark, we sat down with our staff to find out where the top Ice Cream hot spots were.

Here are our top 3:

Obviously biased, Chef Brad makes a pretty mean in-house number for the scorching dog days of summer. “The cardamom ice cream has just enough flavor to make it the perfect compliment to the lemon curd and sage biscuit.” says Darren C. “And I love taking advantage of the air conditioning in Tempo when it’s really hot out there!”

Colleen M., however, enjoys stopping into Point Pleasant Grocery for her cone. Described as a “very friendly convenience store,” Colleen believes it’s “the best place to go get ice cream before taking a walk in the park!” Although the spot offers “a ton of different flavors,” her favorite is “the traditional Chocolate.”

Another “good neighborhood” to visit is the North End with DeeDee's Ice Cream on Cornwallis St. Lindsay S. thinks it got “great flavors and great service. They are so fun and quirky - what's not to like!” If you go, she recommends trying their Strawberry, made with local ingredients directly from the Seaport Farmers Market.

Where are you favorite places to eat ice cream?