A Look at the Chef behind the Chef
June 14, 2013

A Look at the Chef behind the Chef

It's hard to overlook Dale Kettley - he's a lanky man that’s over 6" feet tall with orange-tinged hair.  Although he’s a man of few words, if you've never seen him at Tempo Food + Drink, it may not be because of his quiet nature.  Dale is often behind-the-scenes, helping our Executive Chef, Bradley Bowden, run the deck.  If you haven’t already guessed, Dale Kettley is our Sous Chef and in this edition of the blog, we sit down with him to find out what makes him tick.

Starting with some background information, where are you from originally and where have you worked?
I'm actually originally from Halifax, believe it or not.  I know many people are from away, but I'm a born & raised local.  Proud of it.  I've been working for the past… 13 years at Delta Hotels.

What are you passionate about?  What drives you?
My work.  I am passionate about cooking.  I always love a new challenge and one of my favorite things to do is try out a new secret recipe.  I also love travelling.  Everyone loves a great vacation!

Hah hah!  I agree, vacations are always good.  What else are you involved in?
I've been active in playing billiards since I was a teenager.  The beauty of the game really motivates me – I love watching a good shot and billiards is a great sport with new tournaments to challenge you all the time.

Looks like you really enjoy tackling challenges.
Oh I love it!  I love testing myself, pushing myself to the limits.  It’s something I strive to impart to my junior Chefs because it’s a great way to grow and learn about yourself.